Sorcerers and Magi

Magi were concerned with intrapersonal and transpersonal processes—rarified mystical experiences and transformations. Their goal was to one day transcend the phenomenological world and merge into the Supreme Illumination. Sorcerers wanted to work magic and revel in the potentials of creativity, consciousness, and experience. They wanted to become an increasingly greater Self—empowered, untouchable, and enrapt in unfettered bliss.

                                                                                                                             --excerpt fromThe Fallen Fairy

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Reviews for the Seal of Secrets

Written in a well thought out, balanced and plain language style, easily readable by anyone; Soror ZSD23 has presented us with a much needed introspection, experimentation and analysis of the Arbatel. Material which impacts and relates also to other works in the Olympic genre. Of greatest interest is the sharing of the techniques and results of such workings; both personal and collective. Here is something which is often rare in the field of esoteric studies. -Fra. Mea Fides In Sapientia (Stephen Murtaugh)

What makes this book important is that it tells you what you need to know from someone who has been there. It is the sort of thing that a teacher might pass on to their students, but keep secret from the rest of the world . . . . Those that actually experiment with this sort of stuff will find it invaluable. It gives you clues to how the Seal is supposed to be used, and also the sorts of problems you are likely to suffer as a result. It also reveals a lot more of the nature of the Olympic Spirits . . . . This sort of book is the occult equivalent of a science journal where the experiment is available for peers to look at and work with themselves . . . . When I wrote my own books I put in lots of stories with some of them being about me which are not that flattering. What I did not do was write an effective diary of each of my experiments as Seal of the Secrets of the World does. While I would argue my books sugar the pill a bit, Soror ZSD23 has made her subject more directly useful for serious magical workers.–Nick Farrell 

The Seal of Secrets as a Cube of Space

On April 27, 2014, I gave a presentation on the Seal of Secrets as a cube of space at the annual Philosophers Forum in New Haven, Connecticut. The videotaped presentation is a little rough--but you get to see me in action. 

Adventures in Planetary Magic

The Seal of Secrets of the World is a diagram described in a medieval magical book called the Arbatel. The Arbatel is a treatise on how to live in harmony, ease, and intimacy with the energies of the Multiverse. Behind the Christian piety is a more ancient spiritual paradigm that views the world as a multilayered place full of spiritual beings: some elemental, some celestial, some angelic, and some demi-godlike, archonic, or patriarchal.

In the spring and summer of 2010, I explored the content of the Arbatel and, in the context of solitary and group workings, evoked the Olympic Spirits described in the text. The book expresses my experiences and insights in working with the Arbatel, provides guidance on practicing and simplifying evocation magic, and links to important related texts. It also includes auxiliary essays related to my studies in magic and mysticism.

On astral magic, occult working with Arbatel & Olympic Spirits