Sorcerers and Magi

Arbatel, Olympic Spirits, free pdf

Why is the magical wand the quintessential tool of magicians, fairies, witches, and all manner of other magical folk? Why and how would you make a wand of your own? Find out.  Free PDF download

Dionesia's Magic and Mysticism free pdf download series

All aobut the magical wand

The Arbatel is a 16th century magical book on how to live in ease and intimacy with the spiritual forces at work in the universe. It contains hidden mystical ideas about the nature of the Cosmos. Free PDF download

History and Philosophy behind Magic, Mysticism, and Spirituality East and West.

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An overview of Raja yoga, Vipashyana, Shamatha, How to meditate, benefits of meditation, and notes on chakra and kundalini lore. Richly illustrated with my original art work. Free PDF download

Meditation and its Effects